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Imatge representativa de Sant Pol de Mar
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Where we are

The town of Sant Pol de Mar is located in the Maresme region, just 49 km away from the city of Barcelona. It is strategically positioned alongside the sea and very close to the mountains, between Catalonia’s two capital cities, Barcelona and Girona, both of which have airports of their own as well as bus and train stations.

There are a number of different roads that lead to Sant Pol de Mar, which can be accessed via just as many different means of transport. By car, take motorway C-32 (the former A-19), and exit at Sant Pol. Alternatively, you may take the national highway II, along the Passeig de la Riera and entering the town centre (from the south), or passing beneath the bridge of national highway II (from the north). The town can also be accessed via the highway B-608, from Sant CebriÓ de Vallalta.
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Plaša de la Vila, s/n.
08395 St.Pol de Mar.
Tel: 93.760.04.51 / Fax: 93.760.13.52
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